Jamf to push OS updates / M1 processor Mac Owner

Using Jamf to push OS updates to an EXP machine in BIO.

Still getting feet wet with Jamf, very much.  It appears the admin of the system cannot install updates.  This may be related (per Joey and an article found online yesterday) to the M1 chip and a new credential category of "Owner".  Only owners can install updates?  The owner is the very 1st account created on the system -- which happens to be an IT credential we don't hand out.

I manually installed the updates this morning using Apple screenshare until we figure out how she needs to do future updates.  One proposal was to change the local IT pw so she can use that "owner" account.  I suggested dropping a Jamf policy with Software Updates configured to install using the default update server.  Worked on my test system but only after logon -- didn't install them without me being logged on.  More testing... 

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