Thank you for your interest in our Liquid Glass.

It is unlikely you have seen this photographic technique anywhere else.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however.  :)

Each Liquid Glass piece is hand-made starting with one of our original photos printed on archival photo paper and then signed.  We mount the photograph to hand painted or stained gallery depth wooden panels (1 1/2") and then we pour a two-part material over the surface of the photo.  When we do, thousands of bubbles form on the surface.  With just a limited amount of time before the product begins to cure, we do our best to remove as many bubbles as possible, using a torch flame, flashlight and toothpicks.  If we created a thousand pieces in a row, each one would be uniquely different because of this process.  Sometimes bubbles will creep back into the sides or surface of the image after the hardening process has begun and they become a permanent part of the finished product.

Because of this unique creation process, you will almost certainly find tiny bubbles somewhere within the surface of a finished piece or even a slight dimple or other imperfection and this is considered normal and acceptable.  This is why Liquid Glass is so uniquely your piece of artwork.  We will not provide you with a piece of Liquid Glass that doesn't meet our standards.  All sales are final.

If you are shipping your piece, please do not wrap it directly in bubble wrap without a layer of tissue paper between the bubblewrap and the artwork or hard-to-remove marks may form.

If you want to see the creation process in action, check out the video on our main page.  

Thank you,