Evolution Too


Are they moving left to right?  Right to left?  It's up to your interpretation!  The original idea behind this image was that an ordinary, khaki colored Cheerio was evolving.  That evolution not only took him from being a milk-dweller to a land-dweller but changed him in appearance.  We see the evolution as it takes place.  When exhibiting this photo in my booth at art festivals, however, most persons see the image the opposite way - that the cereal is going into the milk.  And that is the beauty of art: interpretation.  What it means to you is just as important as what it means to me.

Every image is available in Square format as well as the original aspect ratio (some available in panoramic). If you can't find the one you want, please contact us and we will assist.  

Size (Note about paper: 11x14, 16x16 and 18x24 are the outside mat size and size frame you need. If you order any larger size in paper, there is no mat included and the size listed is for the paper. This does not apply to canvas or metal.):
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