Frames Starting at $155, (including print), complete and ready to hang!

All of our frames require a custom order by contacting us online or by phone.  We provide this price list and pictures of our frames online so that you have something to choose from.  When you've decided what you would like, just shoot us an email or call us and we'll help you through the process.  Once you've decided on options, we can email you an invoice for the entire order so you can pay online and we'll get started! Any questions, let us know!

The sizes below are the finished sizes.  Anything larger is considered oversized and will need to be individually quoted.  If you want a 24x36 photo print framed -- it will likely fall into oversize after double mat and frame widths are added.

Interested in something LARGER?  We can do it!  Items larger than what it listed above needs to be quoted individually.  Please contact us.

What's the difference between regular glass, non-glare and reflection-free (museum)?  

Huge.  Regular glass is glass.  It's reflective.  When you are looking into a framed photo in regular glass, you'll see the photo.  But you'll also see whatever is reflecting into the glass, including your own reflection.

Non-glare is really non-glare and avoids some of the problems you experience when looking into a photo.  You won't likely see much reflection, if any, in non-glare glass.  The downside to non-glare is that it also takes away some of the clarity of the image, unfortunately.  

Reflection-free glass is superb in every way except price.  It looks like there is no glass in the frame at all.  It's amazing and impressive every time I see it.  But that level of quality also comes at a premium price and because of that, there is zero markup on that glass when we sell it.  We sell it for exactly what we paid for it because we want you to have it but without it costing you more arms and legs than many people have.  :)

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