Announcing the end of Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass is hand-poured resin over our photographs after we've mounted them to hand-painted wood.  We seal the photograph in, torch the bubbles out and wire it ready-to-hang. Many of you have purchased Liquid Glass from us over the last few years, we even made some family photos and custom images using this technique.  However, all good things must come to an end.  :)

This technique has us using fire and chemicals inside our home and the process for creation is both lengthy, risky and costly if something goes wrong (like the temperature in our house is too cool or a cat hair floats through the air and lands on the photo or the time I ruined our 8 ft. dining room table, as examples). We have truly enjoyed the experience and I find the finished product to be beautiful.  Opportunity risk is too high to continue the process, however. 

They say "never say never" so it's hard for me to wrap this up completely.  IF we ever offer Liquid Glass again, it will be in very limited quantities, for specific images and sizes we've chosen and they will be listed here on our website as specific, individual products for sale.

Thank you again for all those Liquid Glass customers out there!

- Joe

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