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Q: How long does it take to prepare my order?

A: We do most our own printing, packaging, etc. so typically we can ship within 48 hours on matted prints up to 13x19 in size.  Sometimes, we have to wait on custom mat colors, paper or ink - but not very often! Still -- we aren't offended if you email us to check on your order every day.  Metal and canvas orders will take longer. Expect these items to ship within 7-14 days.

Q: Who prints your photos for you?

A: We do our own printing.  It hasn't always been that way but anything 13x19 or smaller, we now print ourselves, using the paper we choose, on our own printer.  The specially formulated ChromaLife100+ Ink produces professional quality photo prints and superior longevity, perfect for displaying our printed works of art. 

Q: How do the photos arrive?

A: If you've ordered a print up to size 13x19, it comes in a mat.  It will be in a clear plastic sleeve, sandwiched in between two pieces of cardboard and taped around the edges.  The color of the mat will be one we've chosen because we think it best matches the picture. Canvases and metal items are properly covered and boxed.

Q:  What shipping method do you use?

A:  Well, default is UPS because we can offer a better rate for the weird shaped stuff we sometimes ship.  But we also ship USPS.  If you prefer it to come another way, just let us know.  If you say "by dog sled", I'll remind you this is shipping from the Carolina's.  No dog sleds.

Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  Well, we're humans and we care.  If something isn't right, let us know.  I don't automatically assume either of us is right or wrong -- I listen and evaluate.  I'd be grateful if you did the same.  I'm a customer and I'm not "always right" but I also appreciate empathy so... let's talk!  :)