Award of Distinction recipient - Chain of Parks 2022

In April, 2022, we exhibited in Florida for the first time, ever, at the Chain of Parks Art Festival in Tallahassee.  If you haven't attended, know that it's a beautiful, well attended event in downtown, under a canopy of trees, with live music, good food, and many talented artists.  It was an honor just to be in the event with so many impressive artists with jaw-dropping work!  

Quite unexpectedly, the judges awarded me with the Award of Distinction in the category of Photography.  This recognition means so much to me because just a year ago my body of work and style of photography was wildly different.  I was a landscape photographer who captured mountains, streams and other natural sites.  This new body of work, long exposure minimalism and also whimsical, I am deeply passionate about and connected to.  So finding an audience that also connects with the work is very meaningful and gives me incentive to keep going in this direction.  I've been told to choose one style of photography and put in 10,000 hours to perfect it, that no successful photographer does otherwise.  One customer at Chain of Parks suggested otherwise, that carrying both torches makes my booth stand out from every other artists booth and I appreciate that insight.  

Thank you to all the kind and generous persons who visited us at Chain of Parks for our first Florida event and thank you again to Chain of Parks!  We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

- Joe





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