Recipient of Piccolo Spoleto Grant for Emerging Artists!

March 08, 2017

Recipient of Piccolo Spoleto Grant for Emerging Artists!

I was already incredibly happy and proud to just be accepted at a fine event like Piccolo Spoleto.  But on top of acceptance, I am humbled to have received a grant that pays for my booth fees for the weekend we'll be attending.  For having been doing this for such a short time and to be recognized in this way, gives me confidence that my work is improving and will continue to do so.  I am so grateful.Thank you, Piccolo Spoleto!  I'm on cloud 9.  :)

From the Piccolo Spoleto Craft Shows website:

"Emerging Artist Grants: Each year Fine Craft Shows Charleston endeavors to award grants to 2 to 4 emerging artists in recognition of their outstanding artistic ability and presentation. These grants are to be given only to those artists new not only to the professional show market but also new to the arts in a professional capacity. Grants recipients will be reimbursed a single booth fee for one weekend of our shows."

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