New Event Added! 2/18 - 19/2017 - Fireside Arts and Crafts Show in Helen, GA!

This is our first time at the Unicoi Lodge in Helen, GA!  If you've never been to Helen, GA, you are missing a beautiful Georgia town that intentionally appears to be a Bavarian village!  We will be setup at the Arts and Crafts show being hosted at the Unicoi Lodge where there are plenty of activities to keep you busy beyond the Art Show!  

You can also visit the Georgia Guidestones on your way to Helen!  Here's a picture I took of the stones about a year ago:


Saturday 2/18 10am to 6pm

Sunday 2/19 10am to 3pm

Annnnnd, if you haven't met my children, they'll both be there!  

Google Map to the lodge is here:


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