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There are a handful of scenes in Star Wars that are iconic and for me, the trash compactor scene is one of them.  The concept for this photo came to mind in early 2024 but like most of my photos, I gave it consideration for several weeks or months, mentally continuing to make changes to what I believed would be the finished piece.  I can’t just take a photo to take a photo, I must feel a connection to the subject and when that moment struck me in April 2024, I began to physically piece the scene together. 

I designed the Noodle box in Photoshop and then printed and assembled it.  I used a woodworkers Pony Vice, which was originally bright orange, for the “trash compactor”.  I rusted all of the bright orange parts with actual iron to give it a more authentic look and feel.  The Pad Thai is very real and is a favorite dish of Shelly's and mine.  (Shout out to Sirin Thai on Old Buncombe Road in Greenville, SC!)  Can you spot the tiny fight scene in the photograph?

I saw the original Star Wars in a theatre when I was about six.  Like most people who see it for the first time, it had a lasting impression on me!  I tried to keep this photo as reasonably accurate to the original scene as I could, replacing the fear of characters being crushed with something we can all smile about.

We can customize the size and aspect ratio to fit any space, just contact us!

Note about paper: 11x14, 16x16 and 18x24 is the outside mat size and size frame you need. If you order any larger size in paper, there is no mat included and the size listed is for the paper.

Size & Material::

Size & Material:

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